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  1. LiAnn1213 May 25, 2013

    thank you for letting me join your group...^_^

  2. ToshiroBurrito Jan 10, 2012

    Hi Everyone!
    *Bows down to a Fye picture*
    I luv your club :3
    Hopefully you let me join this club :)

  3. atchan Dec 10, 2011

    I would like to join the fye fans group

  4. DragonBlood Sep 03, 2011

    Hello...I would like to join...I like Fai very much!

  5. LisaIris12 Feb 09, 2011

    hello, i'm new here and i love fye a lot. :D

  6. junejoy11 Jan 20, 2011

    My Latest Wall: Hinoiri no Ouji (The Prince of Sunset)

  7. GVampire Jan 04, 2011

    did u know that i love you ?


  8. ArcSaber Jan 01, 2011

    hello, I just joined the grup ^^a

  9. CuteSherry Nov 10, 2010

    The group layout looked pretty pathetic, so I made a few changes to make it look at least a bit more decent >.<
    I preserved the spirit of the previous one though, made as little changes as possible, and used the same colors as you can see ^^
    I also refreshed some links which weren't working anymore (sisters group mini banners, featured work..)~

    I hope you guys will feel more comfortable while visiting here from now on :)

  10. sammyui Nov 06, 2010

    In Tsubasa reservoir chronicles, Fye seems a great mystery through out the manga. And that' what makes him very adorable. He's eyes, his smile and his way of doing things. So lovable :))

    <3 <3 nice group .

  11. sasuke619 Restricted Member Aug 31, 2010


  12. faylover4ever Aug 11, 2010

    i know that what ever happans 2 fai i will always love him 8) and anyone would agree

    merged: 08-13-2010 ~ 06:33am
    hey all fai lovers out there if you are madly in love with fai like me go to on 9/25/10 and search for fai falls in love a book by yours truly and i hope you like it :D.

  13. xxxROSIELxxx Apr 15, 2010

    HI! I just joined the group a few days ago! ^ ^ glad to meet everyone!

  14. Tarin Mar 05, 2010

    Warning all Fai lovers!

    Fai was spoted in Kobato episode 20.

    Watch the adorible hyuu on a swing! :DDD

    here is the part :


  15. JuliaMotoko Mar 01, 2010


    I would like to join the fye fans group! Thanks!

  16. frote Feb 28, 2010


  17. crescendo Feb 18, 2010

    luv his eyes ^_^

  18. simply-5th-heirloom Jan 23, 2010


    i love fay...

    although he lost his eye,

    he's still the fay who cares for his friends...

  19. xGabbiex Jan 12, 2010

    Fai is awesome ! i love im x3
    love ur group !

  20. junejoy11 Dec 30, 2009

    Hello everyone! :)

    My Faye Wall
    Moon Blue

  21. OctaDiamond Dec 30, 2009

    Hello there, is anyone there? is it me or does this group really is that sleepy? Hmm. perhaps I should start campaigning? oh, wish u r enjoying the holidays, a will be having a happy 2010^_^

  22. lenaelric Dec 28, 2009

    Fay D. Lest go \

  23. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 13, 2009

    just wanna ask...

    why won't the banner function on my userpage?

    i reloaded it several times already...

  24. Hazuki-neko Nov 21, 2009

    aaa... fye is soo great person..
    i'm very2 love him!

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